A Clean Start

I’ve been telling myself for months that I need to lose weight and get in shape.  I did well early this year but fell off the wagon.  I saw some pictures a few weeks ago that renewed that sense of urgency.  For a few days.

Yesterday was another kick in the pants and I’m ready to make changes and do this.  My employer sponsors a wellness fair where we can earn money for a basic health screening (weight, cholesterol, etc.) and participating in other activities and classes.  I had my screening yesterday and my numbers are far from ideal.

Of particular concern to me is that the combination of factors puts me a pretty high risk of metabolic syndrome which is a precursor to diabetes.  This is something I definitely want to avoid.  The good news is that all of my risk factors are within my control.  By losing weight and exercising I can reverse them all.

Tonight and tomorrow I am going to spend time planning how I want to approach my wellness.  I have ideas but I want to get concrete items down in writing.  I will post them here along with starting numbers later tomorrow or Sunday.

The stats don’t look good right now but knowing it is all in my control makes me feel good.


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