Slip sliding along

I’ve been very bust this week with work and school and blogging completely fell by the wayside.

English: the forests in new hampshire in autumn

Last week wasn’t perfect but I’m happy to report that I did lose a couple of pounds and a little more size.  Here are the numbers:

  • Weight: 265.8 (-2 for the week, -12.60 total)
  • Neck: 18.25 (0, -.5)
  • Chest: 50.5 (-.25, -1.5)
  • Waist: 49.5 (-.25, -2.75)
  • Hips: 45 (0, -1)

This week hasn’t been going too well and I have no good excuse.  I’ve let work and school stress get to me and I haven’t been preparing as I should.  My daily weight has been bouncing up and down reflecting my choices.  I’m also more tired than I have been the past couple of weeks.  That alone is reason to get back on track.

Today is going well though and when I get home I’m going to get things ready for tomorrow so I can eliminate any excuses.  I’ve been feeling too good and making progress to let it slip away now.  I’m stronger than that.


Week 2 Review

Week two was over on Sunday and I’m pretty happy with the results.  They weren’t as dramatic as week one but I knew that I couldn’t keep up that pace for long.  Here are the numbers and then some thoughts on the week.

  • Weight: 267.8 (-1.8 for the week, 10.6 overall)
  • Neck: 18.25 (-.25, -.5)
  • Chest: 50.75 (-.25, -1.25)
  • Waist: 49.75 (-1.0, -2.5)
  • Hips: 45 (0, -1.0)

The week didn’t get started on the right foot.  I had a major cheat on Sunday evening.  It didn’t bother me physically but I felt guilty and the scale reflected the cheat with 2.4 pound jump Monday morning.  The rest of the week went well food-wise with me cooking all my meals at home except for Friday.  Those meals out fell within the guidelines and were a nice treat.

I didn’t get in as much exercise as I would have liked.  The weather wasn’t very good and I drove to work a few days.  I do considerably less walking on those days.  I’m adding in some bodyweight workouts this week as well as getting back to walking more.

I’m feeling really good following the Paleo plan and am enjoying the extra energy and mental focus it has given me.  I’ve been more productive at work and at home.  Aside from the extra planning and cooking needed to keep on track I haven’t noticed any downsides.

I’ll try to check in more regularly but won’t make any promises.  I figure staying on track is more important than blogging about it.


Week 1 is Done

I haven’t had much to blog about which is why I haven’t posted in a few days.  It doesn’t seem to make sense to post the same thing every day.

That being said I wanted to check in today because it is the start of my second week on the plan and now is a good time to review last week.  Overall, I did well although I had a couple of small cheats.  I already mentioned having some rice.  Yesterday I wound up having some dairy.  I spent the afternoon with my kids playing outside and had a great time.  For dinner we went to Outback and, as always, we order the cheese fries and they were awesome.

The rest of the meal was paleo, however.  I skipped the bread and ordered a steak with a side salad and steamed green beans.  For dessert I took the kids to Sweet Frog.  I was a really tempted to get myself some frozen yogurt as well but stuck to my plan and skipped it.  I did almost get a cup of some of the fruit put out for toppings but decided I was full enough.

Some of the positives from week one: my right knee feels better than it has in a while although it was stiff last night after all that playing, I’ve lost weight and size (see below for more info), I have a lot more energy, and I haven’t had any hypoglycemic episodes.  The biggest negative is the extra time required to prepare food.  I like to cook but cleaning up is not fun at all.  A little extra time is well worth all of the benefits.

Here are the numbers from this morning:

  • Weight – 269.6 (-8.8 lbs)
  • Neck – 18.5 (-.25″)
  • Chest – 51 (-1″)
  • Waist – 50.75 (-1.5″)
  • Hips – 45 (-1″)

I am very happy with these numbers. I know I won’t make that much progress every week but what a way to start.

I also took pictures this morning but I haven’t had time to process them.  I’ll try to get to that this week.


Days 3 and 4

I’m still on track, I just lost track of time last night and didn’t post.

Last night I ate out for the first time since starting the plan and I think I did okay.  I went to a Chinese buffet and avoided all of the breaded foods.  The only thing that was questionable was the rice.  It is a paleo grey area.  Technically rice is a grain but is different from others such as wheat because it is gluten free which is the cause of so many problems.  I don’t plan on doing this often and I’m eating well today so I don’t feel bad about it.

I’ve been logging my daily step count for the program at work.  I have logged over 40,000 steps in the last 7 days which is approximately 20 miles according to the site.  Walking to a from work goes a long way to upping the total.  The exercise feels good and the weather is perfect for it.

One other thing I’ve noticed and also I noticed it back in January when I was eating clean is that the pain in my right knee is nearly gone.  I don’t know if it is the diet, the exercise, or the combination of the two but it is very welcome.  I had been thinking of going to the doctor to have it checked but I’m going to give it some time.  If it still hurts after dropping weight and getting more fit I’ll have it looked at.

Overall, I feel great and have had no problem sticking to things.  I’m determined to make this work.


Day 2 Recap

Yesterday went well.  I walked to and from work and it felt great.  I was worried my feet or knees might hurt  a lot last night but they were fine.

Food-wise it was pretty similar to day one.  The only difference was a big salad for lunch.  I was able to eat that outside at one of the picnic tables and enjoy the awesome weather.

This morning provided some temptation.  One of the committees is throwing a community get-together with bagels and pastries.  I went down, talked to some people, and got a cup of coffee.  The bagels looked really good but I feel good about passing on them.


Day 1 Recap

Yesterday went well but the first day of any new program is a gimme.  I made two great meals (chili and roast chicken) that will provide food for the next few days eliminating some excuses.  Now for dinner all I need to do is reheat some leftovers and cook some veggies and I’m set.

To get an idea of how much I’m eating I put everything in Fitday for a breakdown.  I used the Sparkpeople recipe calculator to figure out the information for the chili recipe and guessed at the number of servings it provides.  Here are the numbers:



Today’s breakfast was the same as yesterday and for lunch I packed a large salad with leftover chicken, avocado, and a balsamic vinaigrette I made last night.

I also walked to work this morning for the first time in a very long time.  I plan to do this at least 3 times a week and hopefully every day.  I’ll have to see how I feel this evening.  If my feet or knees hurt I’ll drive in tomorrow and ease into it a bit.



The Plan and Starting Numbers

I have decided to jump in and follow a strict paleo diet for the next 30 days.  I’m going to follow the plan laid out by Robb Wolf in the The Paleo Solution.  This plan is a bit stricter than the previous primal plan I’ve had success with in that it also excludes dairy.  I don’t each much dairy but it does mean giving up butter.

I know this won’t be easy, especially after the initial excitement and energy wear off.  To help I’m going to keep in mind a quote from the book:

If you want to get the full power of this program, you need to actually give it a shot. Worst-case scenario: You spend a month without some of the foods you like. Best-case scenario: You discover you are able to live healthier and better than you ever thought possible. If you cannot suck it up for a month to discover that, well, Buttercup, you might be beyond help. And let’s be honest, most of your arguments have nothing to do with science – you are likely addicted to these foods. (p. 96)

The bold is mine.  One of the things I like about the book is Robb’s humor and sarcasm but he does have a point.  If I can’t stick to this for 30 days I have serious problems and despite how much I’ve let myself go I don’t believe I’m beyond help.

Now that I know what I’m going to do I am now going to lay out from where I’m starting.  Below are my current weight, body measurements, and blood work numbers.

  • Weight: 278.4
  • Neck: 18.75″
  • Chest: 52″
  • Waist: 52.25″
  • Hips: 46″
  • Blood Pressure: 118/80
  • Total Cholesterol: 260 mg/dL
  • HDL: 34 mg/dL
  • LDL: 170 mg/dL
  • Triglycerides: 275
  • Glucose (fasting): 92 mg/dL

The only good numbers are my blood pressure and glucose.  Everything else, except HDL, I want to go down.  HDL will hopefully go up a bit.

I have ideas for weight goals and other things but for right now my goal and focus is strictly following the paleo plan for 30 days.  I’m going to be tracking and posting updates of my weight and measurements but they aren’t going to be my primary focus.  I know that if I follow the plan the numbers will go where I want.

And as further proof that I’m all in this time here are some before pictures taken this morning.  I apologize in advance.

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A Clean Start

I’ve been telling myself for months that I need to lose weight and get in shape.  I did well early this year but fell off the wagon.  I saw some pictures a few weeks ago that renewed that sense of urgency.  For a few days.

Yesterday was another kick in the pants and I’m ready to make changes and do this.  My employer sponsors a wellness fair where we can earn money for a basic health screening (weight, cholesterol, etc.) and participating in other activities and classes.  I had my screening yesterday and my numbers are far from ideal.

Of particular concern to me is that the combination of factors puts me a pretty high risk of metabolic syndrome which is a precursor to diabetes.  This is something I definitely want to avoid.  The good news is that all of my risk factors are within my control.  By losing weight and exercising I can reverse them all.

Tonight and tomorrow I am going to spend time planning how I want to approach my wellness.  I have ideas but I want to get concrete items down in writing.  I will post them here along with starting numbers later tomorrow or Sunday.

The stats don’t look good right now but knowing it is all in my control makes me feel good.